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Revealing hand-drawn character #2: Frog

Dear Monster Boy fans and friends,

are you ready for the next character reveal? We've been wandering around the internet and collected votes. Some of you wanted to see the lion, others the frog. Today we show you the frog!
With the frog, two of the new hand-drawn characters are now revealed

As you can see, the proportions of the frog are now different. With the new freedom of entirely hand-drawn animation we are not dependent on an overarching skeleton/puppet system anymore which means we can let him do really cool stunts. Swinging rings and using the tongue will now look much more dynamic. He's also looking more like a frog than before which adds a lot to the visual variety while playing Monster Boy. We hope you like the new look!
Oh and big thanks for the overwhelmingly positive feedback on the new hand-drawn look of Jin. We hope to be able to convince everyone, even those who doubt our decision, that it was the right move. Please look forward to the next character reveal, which will be the lion!
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Junior lima on :

Great work! though it seems like the old face form was just a bit more cool, mature, like more serious, ready to slain the dragon! if you know what I mean

FDG,Thomas on :

Thanks Junior lima! Well, the old face form only had one expression, the new version will have a more dynamic facial expression fitting to the various actions. You'll also have better equipment in the game.

Alan on :

please give us the option to choose between the "old sprites" and the new ones. IMO the "old sprites" are far more in-line with the original Wonder Boy/Monster world games...I'd rather use those.

David Loving on :

I’m a massive fan of Wonderboy The Dragons Trap and remake. After experiencing the hand drawn animation of the remake I would encourage every developer of 2D games to go this way wherever possible. It looks so much better than the “artificial” puppet type animations that are in a lot of games now. So glad you are taking the more difficult option and look forward to seeing these guys move!!! Keep up the good work, this has been one of my most anticipated games since the Dragons Trap remake!

16 bit fan on :

I agree with Alan, the old ones are far better for me, the new look too "cartoon", they wouln't fit with the monster world universe :-( (sorry for bad english)


The frog character looks great I love it i have question the last demo you showed at gamescom look great so i wanna are you guys gonna improved the graphics and color technology further?

Christopher Lane on :

It looks good. Nice hand drawn characters. Looking forward to how dynamic it will be in the game. I still can't wait to play this game when that day comes.

MickeyLD on :

Je suis déçu par ces modifications... Les anciens design sont meilleurs. L'esprit de Monster World semble s'éloigner de plus en plus... et vous tournez le dos au public auquel s'adresse ce beau projet.

Je pense que vous auriez pu sortir le jeu en 2017 et surfer sur le succès de Dragon's trap. Vos multiples modifications risquent d'impacter dans le mauvais sens les ventes de Monster Boy.

Il faut prendre en compte les avis négatifs, et il y en a beaucoup sur ces dernières changements.

Vallée Olivier on :

HI !

Honestly, I don't see the point to change all graphics every months ?
Your game was also beautiful so please...
I really believe you don't want to release it !!
We have been waiting for it so long....
...2015...2016....2017...and now ? 2019 ? 2020 ?

Mattiac on :

I like and prefer the new look!

matthew barrett on :

thomas ive got a question for you. after you show us all six characters been updated in terms of graphics is there ANY possibility of still releasing the game even every late this year?

matthew barrett on :

but also can everyone just be happy with thomas doing the new improved characters. cuz i know the more you guys critcise his work on the game the longer itll take to finish and release it. i for one really do like the new characters and think thomas you should stick to them regardless what some people say. if they still dont like it then they just dont buy the game simple.

Alfredo on :

You forgot to add 2022 and 2024 Ha ha ha ha Just kidding game will released in 2018 maybe the summertime.

Berl on :

True. How long will it take?

Spidey981 on :

Bonjour à tous !

Il y' a environ une vingtaine de jour que je ne suis pas retourné sur le blog. Et là, que vois-je ? Les personnages sont modifiés dans un style graphique très particuliers et pour ma part je ne suis pas trop fan. Comme de nombreux commentaires je préfère largement l'ancien style " marionnette " et le look des anciens sprites ils sont beaucoup plus dans l'esprit Wonder Boy. Avoir gardé les changement directe sur le personnages dés qu'il change d'épée ou d'armure est une très bonne chose et j'attend de voir ça. Petite précision, les personnages sont vraiment très grand par rapport au anciens sprites, est ce pour mieux voir les détails ou seront ils démesuré et prendront 'ils la moitié de l'écran ? En tout cas j'ai hâte de voir une video de tout ça en mouvement.

matthew barrett on :

Thomas, i want to talk to you about this VERY seriously. upon reading this blog ive been hearing a lot of negative comments about how you keep on delaying this game ever since i heard about it back in 2016. Now dont you feel sorry that all us fans are waiting so long for this game to be completed. Weve all been waiting very patiently but you should know that there is NO other game released like this this year. So PLEASE when youve shown us all the characters then stick to those six characters. theres really no need to keep updating them every year like this. Its now October and really you should at least know by the end of this year when the game will be completed and released. Weve all been waiting so many LONG years but its time to relase it it really is

The Terminal on :

Wow, you guys here in the comments are being real brats!

Under which authority are you "demanding" things? They can take as long as they want to make this project stick to their vision. It's okay not to release something when you don't feel it is right to release it yet, be it a matter of months or years in this case.

I understand your impatience folks, but you gotta wait for the real deal and show some support for the hard work being done.

Upwards and onwards!

matthew barrett on :

the terminal. i understand where your coming from but if you have a look on the official website of FDG entertainment. youll see that the game is nearly complete as the game wasnt on there but it is now with all the new improved graphics released next year for sure so thats good news for everyone.

Jason on :

...definitely agree.

Tim on :

...yes old sprites are better. New ones will probably look great but not fit in the Wonderboy universe like the old sprites.

Wasn’t a fan of the hand drawn sprites in the Wonderboy: The Dragon’s Trap remake releases this year. Reminds me of flash games.


Couldn't have said it better myself you're right on Unfortunately these youngsters Can be impatient And demanding They have no right to tell A game developerWhen they should release a project Keep up the great work Thomas I support you and so do other fans Don't pay attention to the negative comments Unfortunately there will always be negative comments.

FDG,Thomas on :

Thanks for your feedback! However, we think the new sprites are exactly what the game needs to be recognized as a modern, new take on the Monster World formula. In 2018, players expect sharper and more dynamic images. With Monster Boy we want to break the barrier and introduce the series also to a new generation. Monster Boy has to make a statement with both gameplay and visuals. As a sidenote: We also have some surprises for retro fans which I can't reveal yet, but it's not planned to use the old sprites.

FDG,Thomas on :

While I personally like the design of the remake of Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap, we always aimed for a different visual style with Monster Boy. Our hand-drawn animations will have very different coloring, more depth and special light effect applied in various surroundings. Besides this, the new background art we're working on is very different to the comic look of Dragon's Trap. Actually, our new background art was the main reason why we felt our sprites are outdated. We want a more cohesive overall image and modern feel.

FDG,Thomas on :

Thanks a lot, David. We're happy that you like our new approach. ^_^

FDG,Thomas on :

Thanks a lot, Alfredo! The background quality that we showed during Gamescom will remain our new standard for all background graphics. The new coloring and lighting technique is specifically made to get a cohesive image with hand-drawn animations combined with the 3d-ish colored background and depth.

FDG,Thomas on :

Thanks a lot, Christopher!

FDG,Thomas on :

This is the first proper rework of the sprites and their animation. Just like the backgrounds which got a big redesign, it was time to adjust the sprites, too.

FDG,Thomas on :

Thanks Mattiac, glad you like the new look! It will be even better in motion!

FDG,Thomas on :

Unfortunately the game will definitely not release in 2017, please look forward to Monster Boy in 2018. We'll have more interesting news after the reveal of the 6 new transformation designs. Please stay tuned.

FDG,Thomas on :

Thanks for your feedback! The only way we would feel sorry is to release a bad game. Everything else, delays etc. we can live with. We want to make a game that the whole team will be proud of, a real classic. Regarding the sprite rework: Please note that this extensive sprite upgrade (including transformations) is happening the first time. It was necessary to fit to the new standard that we introduced with the much higher background graphics quality. I remember that we had some adjustments with Jins face in the past, but that was only minor work. This is now a real 2.0 attempt for a much improved graphics quality.

FDG,Thomas on :

Thanks for your understanding, The Terminal. Don't worry though, we can take the criticism which is mainly happening because of the project delays. We know that many fans of the series are waiting for the new game but we're confident that when Monster Boy is out and the people can finally play it, they'll look back to this long development road and know it was all worth it :-)

Christopher Lane on :

Your welcome.
You and your team keep on doing your best.

Cameron on :

So, I'm guessing there will be a new hand-drawn character revealed every Friday? :-) If not, when will they all be revealed by? Because I really like this game and Wonder Boy the Dragon's Trap! ;-)

matthew barrett on :

Hey Thomas im sorry ive been so demanding this year i really have been a brat about everything. its just that i was looking forward to the game being released before the end of the year. but i now realise WHY there has been a delay because you want to update all the characters and youve done two so far and im really proud of you i think they look increcible. its also awesome that youll have some cool news to tell us all after all six transformations are done. that was the same in dragons trap remake too for quite awhile the developer kept saying TBD but after he upgraded all the characters thats when there was more news on the release date. so for this reason i dont mind at all waiting till next year and like i said the improved graphics will stand out very well next year. so ill be back on the blog in early Decemeber as im sure you just may have all the transformations done by then. i get the feeling that this could be my favourite platformer ever.

Fabien - Game Atelier on :

Bonjour MickeyLD,

Merci pour le commentaire.
C'est justement en lisant attentivement vos nombreux commentaires et en écoutant vos retours sur les salons que nous avons pris la décision de changer le design du joueur.
D'autre part le temps nécessaire pour faire ce changement n'a pas d'impact sur la sortie du jeu car nous avons encore du travail côté création de niveaux et décors.
On sait que c'était la meilleur décision à prendre et on espère que vous serez surpris quand vous verrez le résultat final animé.

Fabien - Game Atelier on :

Hello Spidey981,

Merci pour le message.
Comme répondu précédemment à MickeyLD, c'est justement suite à tous vos retours sur le web ou sur les salons que nous avons choisi de changer le design du joueur qui n'était pas encore tout à fait au niveau de vos exigences. Et le résultat animé devrait, on l'espère, vraiment vous surprendre!
En ce qui concerne la taille des sprites: pas de grand changement à l'écran, l'image affichée sur ce blog met simplement en avant les nouvelles transformations sans comparaison d'échelle directe avec les anciennes.

A bientôt!

FDG,Thomas on :

Yes, we plan to reveal them every Friday!

FDG,Thomas on :

Thanks for your understanding, Matthew. I think your feeling about Monster Boy becoming your favorite platformer could become a reality. We'll try to deliver :-)

Spidey981 on :

Merci Fabien pour la réponse. Me voilà rassuré pour la taille des nouveaux sprites car le lion à l'air vraiment massif, j'avais vraiment peur qu'il prenne la moitié de l'écran. Même si pour l'instant je ne suis pas convaincu par les nouveaux designs, je suis persuadé qu'une fois la manette en main je prendrai un plaisir immense à jouer au jeu. Après la parution des autres transformations j'espère qu'on aura une info sur une fenêtre de sortie.

matthew barrett on :

hey Thomas. i dont think itll become my fave platformer i know it willl be theres nothing even close to this game this century ive already checked. now also i saw on the post you are showing us a new transformation character every Friday and that is awesome cuz you did say youve got exciting news to follow after. As ive been checking on the calendar and it means the last of the six will be shown to us on Novemeber 10th. What i have now realised though that even when the game is all complete very soon you need to find a distributor too. I think while people are waiting for that aswell theres a cool new platformer game coming out on pc, ps4 an xbox one on November 7th called 'Super luckys tale'. Also ive played "Wonderboy in monster world" and the bosses in it are VERY cool but ive never understood why noone ever made a remake of it.... my favourite by far is the Tyrant Dragon you fight in the volcano :-)

FDG,Thomas on :

Thanks Matthew! Well - I think the volcano area in Monster Boy could become your favorite then ;-)

MickeyLD on :

Merci. J'ai été un peu critique sur la tournure de votre projet, mais vos réponses me rassurent. ;-)
J'attends le jeu avec une réelle impatience, et j'ai hâte de voir une vidéo de gameplay de cette nouvelle mouture.
Bon courage à vous, et merci de faire revivre cette saga trop longtemps oubliée.

Koufa on :


N'y aurait-il pas un bug dans le volcan?

Je m'explique, un "?" apparaît dans la case juste sous le symbole de la forge (relié par un trait au symbole du teleporteur), or a cet endroit, derrière la coulée de lave de gauche il y a bien un coffre contentant des pièces d'or que j'ai trouvé et ouvert, mais le symbole du coffre ouvert n'apparaît pas sur ma carte.

J'ai découvert 95% des coffres contenant des pièces d'or, 100% de toutes les autres coffres (équipement, coeur, partitions, etc...) donc c'est forcément un coffre contentant des pièces d'or, et j'ai acheté tout les indices vendu par le marchand au village dans le ciel, donc c'est forcément ici.

N'y aurait-il pas un bug qui ne comptabilise pas le coffre comme ouvert et ne fait pas apparaître son symbole sur la carte?

Sinon, le jeu est une pure merveille, merci.

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