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Yuzo Koshiro joins the team!

We're so happy to be able to work on a cool project like Monster Boy but things are getting surreal now: Yuzo Koshiro and two of his friends (to be revealed later) have joined the team and will contribute music to it! Wow...O.o - We always wanted to work with great musicians from Japan and we couldn't be more proud and happy about it.

Yuzo Koshiro is famous for his awesome soundtracks in many videogame classics like the Ys Series, Streets of Rage, Revenge of Shinobi, Actraiser and many more.

Yuzo Koshiro photo - grabbed from a great documentary about Japanese Musicians. Click image to watch.

We highly recommend watching this fantastic documentary about the history of Japanese Videogame Music:
Diggin' in the Carts - The Rise of Videogame Music

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Rez on :

Wow Great news!! Ps Vita version now!! Please Please Please!!!!

Colin on :

Well this is great news. Musician of classic games now part of the team. Looks like it is going to be a solid game all round.

FDG, Thomas on :

Glad to hear you like the news :-) We're stoked about this opportunity and love Yuzo Koshiro's awesome work. We also have more talents involved (to be revealed later). Feels unreal ;-)

Omnibot2000 on :

Unfassbar! Herzlichen Glückwunsch! Und jetzt lasst euch endlich mal zur Bestätigung der Vita-Fassung hinreißen ;-)

FDG, Thomas on :

Vielen Dank :-) Na mal sehen ^_^

Nester the Lark on :

Awesome! You guys simply refuse to miss, don't you! ;-)

Yuzo Koshiro did work on Super Adventure Island (which I believe Ryuichi Nishizawa also supervised), so it's great to see him come on board with a proper Wonder Boy/Monster World game.

Any chance of Shinichi Sakamoto also contributing? His "cute" compositions are part of Monster World's identity.

(Also, please still consider a Wii U version!)

FDG, Thomas on :

Sakamoto-san isn't contributing new compositions but we're going to have some great re-arrange tracks based on his most popular Monster World tunes.

Thiago de Castro on :

Does this mean the game will have at least some tunes based on his favorite sound chip, the YM2612? :-)
He still uploads some new homemade tracks using it on his soundgroove account.

FDG, Thomas on :

We love chipsound! But in Monster Boy we're aiming for CD-Quality music. There's more to say about it but I can't reveal it yet ;-)

Terry on :

Wow, This is definitely great news, i really enjoyed his work with the Ys series and Streets of Rage 2, So im glad hes doing the music for this game.

Also still hoping for a Wii U version but i'll be getting the PS4 version too since i own one myself.

No pressure or anything but i have to ask, When will we see a new trailer of the game?

FDG, Thomas on :

Thanks, Terry! We take our time before we release actual in-game video so we can show polished material. As soon as everything looks the way we want we will share it :-)

Maybe Dick on :

Excellent news! I really loved his work with Ys and Actraiser.

Hoping for a Vita version, but I get this on whatever I can, otherwise.

Logbomb on :

Brilliant, his music in Ys still plays in my head to this day!


It is awesome Mr Koshiro will participate to create the game's soundtrack. He created back then many memorable pieces of music for games like Ys. I still remember playing the incredible pcenginecd version of the game with cd quality audio in the beginning of the 90's.
I remember Adventure Island and Dynastic Warrior on the PC Engine which were in fact Monsterworld games.
Looking forward to seeing new screens of Monsterboy. :-)
ps: I sent an email to

jj on :

Thrilled by this great news. Very excited by this.

Tom Vargas on :

So, Sakamoto will not contribute in this project :-(

About Koshiro... Why him? Why not another composer, like Motoi Sakuraba, Yoko Shimomura, JUN WATANABE, etc...?

FDG, Thomas on :

We have partnered with 5 composers. We reveal the complete list later - hint: It includes one composer from your list, too ;-)

kabuki on :

best news ever it will be an great wonder boy #love

Andrea Babich on :

Feels unreal -> THIS.
I love him. I suspect I'm starting to love you EVEN BEFORE you release the game.

Camila Montenegro on :

Oh, Koshiro, it's gonna be AWESOME :-D

Just a advice: He sucks a bit composing boss themes (he GREATLY ABUSES with orchestral instruments when doing this; see Etrian Odyssey 4 & Dragon Ball Online's OSTs).

I don't know who will be the other composers, but i guess they could do a better job than Koshiro (talking about the battle/boss themes).

Best of luck to all of you! :-)

FDG, Thomas on :

Thank you Camila. Well, we don't plan to abuse orchestra instruments :-) I think the soundtrack will have a very nice variety going.

Ammar Al-Tai on :

Amazing news! Koshiro is a music prodigy responsible for some of the best game soundtracks of all-time (the Streets of Rage series for example). Hiring him to work on Monster Boy is beyond wonderful. A dreamlike and miraculous scenario. I completely understand why you're so pleased. It makes a compelling game that everyone's looking forward to that much more exciting. :-)

Quick question. Any chance of Monster Boy showing up at E3? I'd absolutely love to see a trailer soon.

rautz on :

Will the PS4 version use the lab zero drivers for PS3 arcade sticks? I havent played a game like this since the arcade days and it sure would be awesome to relive that arcade experience without needing to buy a PS4 specific arcade stick

FDG, Thomas on :

PS3 arcade sticks look sexy! Right now we're concentrating on the game itself though and didn't make decisions about supported peripherals yet. So I can't really confirm anything - sorry ^_^

jj on :

I think Yuzo Koshiro also worked on master system sonic 1 soundtrack; with timeless and memorable classics. My favorite melody being 'bridge level theme'.

FDG, Thomas on :

I agree - that is very fine track from Koshiro-san! :-)

Marcos Vallejos on :

Will Jin Watanabe also contributing in this project? I think that would be cool, since he was the composer of Monster World IV...

Neo on :

Please make physical copy, we don't want digital copys.

We want hard copys that we can feel, smell and lick :-)

Hard copy for Nintendo Switch Please!

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