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Monster Boy Cinematics Update

Dear Monster Boy fans, friends and followers

after yesterdays April Fool's update, our sanity officially returned. :-D You certainly discovered that a change to 16-Bit sprites and graphics just couldn't be true. After all the time that we spent polishing the game to look amazing in HD, we would not want to go back to the pixel drawing board now. We're happy to report that the new hand-drawn animation and transformation updates work incredibly well and we can't wait to show you how the game is looking in motion now. Please look forward to it!

With the new in-game character design we also had to update the cinematics and we're happy to report that the job is almost done. You'll see the end results in the final game. However, you deserve at least a little glimpse of it - especially after our fake news post from yesterday, so here we go:

Screenshot of the lovely new anime style opening of Monster Boy.
To get the best possible results we assigned Japanese animation company Nomad to this job. We'd like to thank Ryuichi Nishizawa again for connecting us with Nomad. It's been a really creative process starting with the exchange of scribbles, rough animation and ideas; resulting in an amazing new opening cinematic. A fantastic team effort!

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TCgamerboy20p2 on :

You actually hired a japanese animation studio to work on the opening?

Neat! =D

TCgamerboy2002 on :

BTW, my user name was a typo. ^^;

FDG,Thomas on :

That's right! All thanks to Nishizawa-san wo was of tremendous help to connect with Nomad. It would've been really hard to find the right studio from outside of Japan.

Spidey981 on :

Bonjour à tous. En effet après 4 ans de travail acharné pour un résultat en haute définition et toutes ces choses ajoutées au décors qui font tout son charme à ce Monster Boy il serait dommage de revenir à une version Megadrive. Pour la nouvelle cinématique cette image me fait penser à quelque chose de bucolique, mais je me trompe peut être. J'espère qu'elle sera bientôt finie et qu'on pourra en profiter bientôt.

FDG,Thomas on :

Hi Spidey,

just months, not years now! We're so close :-)


Logbomb on :

Now that looks good!

FDG,Thomas on :

Thank you Logbomb! We hope you'll be equally pleased when you get to play the game. I think you're going to have a fantastic time! :-)

jj on :

Looks great. Can't wait for gameplay screenshot.

FDG,Thomas on :

Thanks a lot! We'll have a lot of cool gameplay material in our 2018 trailer but it's still taking some time until we finish it. Please stay tuned.

Spidey981 on :

Hi all Monster fan. Game Atelier is looking for a 2D Graphic Designer to help them finish Monster Boy. Thank you for sharing this link with all your friends and contact FB and Twitter.

Salut tout les Monster fan. Game Atelier recherche un Graphiste 2D décors pour les aider à finir Monster Boy. Merci de partager ce lien avec tout vos amis et contact FB et Twitter.

Junior Lima on :

Nice job guys!!! Mine one is on the way already!! Finally the day has come. I m totally sure this game will rock!!! Merci beacoup!

FDG,Thomas on :

Thank you very much for pre-ordering Monster Boy!

Zell on :

Looks Amazing!!!

FDG,Thomas on :

Thanks a lot, Zell!


We're almost there just a couple of More months iam curently playing zelda breath of the wild what a fantastic game i love how the enemies point at you and get angry when you take their weapon

Spidey981 on :

Bonjour ! Je me demandais si en attendant un prochain trailer et la date de sortie il serait possible d'avoir un post sur les trophées / succès. Évidemment je ne demande pas la liste complète car ça pourrait spoiler l'histoire mais simplement avoir le nombre total et savoir combien il y a de trophées bronze, argent, or et cachés. Cela pourrait nous faire patienter. Merci à vous

Gordman on :

Hi guys! The new art style looks good, but to be honest.. his upper arms are super thin! I don´t believe that he is able to swing a sword to kill all kinds of enemies. No chance to make his upper arms more thicker? Giving him arms of a MAN? xD Even Link has thicker arms and Link is a p*ssy nowadays^^ It reads very harsh now; it´s not that harsh from my side, but if you think about it you maybe agree.

I know it´s the style the people want today, but after seeing this picture it´s the first time I start to think about not buying it.

Kind regards,

FDG,Thomas on :

Hi Gordman, no worries - he's Monster Boy after all (with all the perks) ;-)

Gordman on :

That sounds interesting. It sounds like he´s gonna grown up from a young boy to a brave man. If that´s the case, you´re awesome!

Alex on :

Seriously ??? Does this ever get finished ??? Its ridiculous waiting years over years now ... 2018 news 2019 news 2020 2040 ... in the year 2525 ... if men is still alive


Actually it's going to release 2526 So another 508 years you'll be okay.

Gordman on :

I don´t understand why people must complain this way all the time. Good games take some time. Look how many years GTA V needed - people never complained about it because they didn´t know that it was in the making for so long. If people know about the time range and they have to wait a few years, they easily use the internet to cry about the waiting time. Grow up, there are millions of games to be played until this game comes out. In a specific way it´s okay to be impatient if you know that the game will be great, but then show it in the form of excitement. Good games need some time, unless you want to play an unfinished game to complain even more.

Spidey981 on :

Hi, all fans. A new video animations by hand, the quality is average because it is filmed with a phone but it gives a very good preview thanks to @JohnAndersen21 on Twitter . Here is the link

Spidey981 on :

Salut tout les fans. Une vidéo des nouvelles animations à la main, la qualité est moyenne car c'est filmé avec un téléphone mais ça donne un très bon aperçu merci à @JohnAndersen21 sur Twitter . Voici le lien

Zell on :

I would love to hear the numbers of pre-orders so far for this game for every console.

Or at least would like to hear in which console is the most selling pre-orders.

FDG,Thomas on :

The most pre-orders are coming from Nintendo Switch customers!

Fernando on :

En España queremos el juego.
Wonder Boy The Dragons Trap está siendo un éxito.
Por qué no iba a serlo Monster boy?

FDG,Thomas on :

It will also release in Spain, but digital only. It's just the physical release that is limited to a release in USA/Canada. Thank you for your interest!

Fernando on :

Reservada en Amazon la edición física, este juego merece esa edición.
Lastima que no llegue esa edición a España por medios oficiales.

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