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Big Game, Big Map!

Dear Monster Boy friends,

today we'd like to share some details about the auto-map feature in Monster Boy! The game is really big so we're implementing a convenient map that gives you a perfect overview at all the time. Since we don't want to spoil you, we can only show a little preview of the fully unlocked map. Check it out
This is the starting area (beach) up until the light-house where Jin faces the first boss
As you can see the map not only shows the pathway, but many more details. Here's a quick overview of some map features:

While you explore the various areas in the game, the map will constantly draw details into the map. These can include treasure chests, walls, doors, shops, water and more. You'll easily spot unvisited areas if you carefully look at the walls or unfinished room sketches of the map.

Each area and pathway will help you to complete a beautiful colored drawing of the Monster World. Just another reward to finish the game and explore the world at 100%.

Quest Target
The current main quest location will be shown as a green target icon, can you spot it in the map ?

Jin just reached the first main quest target. It's marked with a green icon on the auto-map
It's huuge!
The sample map piece is just a tiny piece of the fully unlocked worldmap. Be sure to watch the new beach area footage during Gamescom to understand the size of the game. The beach part is less than 5% of the worldmap to explore!

No Missables
Focus on your exploration and happily experiment with your characters. The game has no missable item - you'll always be able to explore the world and return to any place later.
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Spidey981 on :

Wow ! La carte est vraiment grande, vivement une video de la plage complète. J'aime beaucoup les dessin de Skull Island et du phare sur la carte c'est une super idée. Pouvez- vous nous dire combien il y aura de trophées s'il vous plait ? Autre question, serez vous à la Paris Game Week début novembre ? Et est ce qu'en interne vous avez une idée de la date de sortie ? Merci pour tout

Game Atelier - Fabien on :

Hello Spidey981,
Merci pour le commentaire!
Le nombre de trophées n'est pas encore arrêté pour l'instant mais ça ferait sans doute un bon sujet pour un futur post sur ce blog.
Comme l'an dernier, on adorerait être présent sur la PGW 2017, que ce soit sur les stands des constructeurs comme celui des Jeux Made In France. On attend encore la confirmation qui devrait arriver dans les semaines à venir.
Pour la date de sortie rien n'est arrêté pour le moment car on veut que tout soit absolument parfait avant de se lancer.
A très vite pour un autre post!

Spidey981 on :

Merci Fabien pour toutes ces précisions, j'espère que vous serez à la PGW pour que je puisse essayer la toute dernière version de ce petit bijou. J'ai tellement hâte de voir toutes les modifications par rapport à l'an dernier. Bonne continuation pour la suite .

Zell on :

Soooooo exited! I no longer want to see the demo, I need the game its self.

FDG,Thomas on :

Thank you, Zell! We work hard on finishing it!



jj on :

Greatly anticipating game + new footage.

jj on :

I do have a q. Are you able to tell any more about 'hard mode' ?
Thank you

FDG,Thomas on :

Hard Mode is going to be relatively simple with Jin taking more damage from enemies vs. more enemy HP. We focus on the overall experience for all players atm so we don't have much time to work on a dedicated hard mode with further changes.

jj on :

Thanks Thomas.

David Haley on :

Is this game COOP? If not, why? The Switch is a COOP console :-)

Matthew Barrett on :

No, no, no! hang on a second this game is meant to out late 2017 FDG promised us all it would be its NOT fair that they keep us waiting and waiting year after year like this ive been waiting since January last year when it was meant to be out

FDG,Thomas on :

Not going to lie - we've been very confident about the 2017 release. However, we learned a lot during the long development phase and want to make it look and play perfect, therefore we added a lot of workload to the project. This paired with something else we can't announce yet means 2018 release is more probable now. Sorry to be the party pooper here, we really do our best.

Matthew Barrett on :

its now August so there are five months till the end of the year so PLEASE FDG at least have an official release date for us by the end of the year it gives you five or less months to get it 'perfect' id definitely put this game on my Christmas wish list

Zell on :

You are absolutely right, and I don't even try to think that there is a game that is called "Monster Boy" as I have been patient for too far.

I will be however satisfied if they offer unexpected features like multiplayer, hard mode or great DLCs. As well as a new sequel to within a year.

yeah, I know I am asking for so much. But if it has been released previously by mid 2016, then I believe 2018 would have been the next sequel.

Adam on :

^what Mathew said!!!
Can't wait to get it! On the Nintendo Switch of course ;-)
If you have it up for pre-order on Amazon I'll pre-order it in a heartbeat :-)

FDG,Thomas on :

Thanks a lot Adam! Switch is a great choice for this game ! :-)

hahahahahah on :

2018 jan hahahahh

Matthew Barrett on :

That's still very early next year and where did you find out this exciting information????

Zell on :

Don't miss understand me, There is no news of a next sequel yet.

Spidey981 on :

Hello Thomas
Monday July 10 you told me that a demo video will appear on YouTube during retro H.K event. But unfortunatly I did not find this video so than everyone can check the new beach, village etc... When will the video be published ? Thank you

FDG,Thomas on :

Hi Spidey, thanks for checking in! That's right, the schedule changed a bit but you'll see more material during Gamescom next week. Please stay tuned.

Spidey981 on :

I check now , I just found a 30 sec teaser, please please I want a 20 min video ????

FDG,Thomas on :

Actually the teaser is even less, but we'll have more to show soon!

Dimitrios Zikos on :

This is the fate of overambitious games developed by small dev teams.

To make something really shiny to compete what is out there is not am easy feat for a small group of designers/programmer.

I was told to myself to forget about the existence of the game and will find myself overexcited when I find out someday that this is actually released.

The work you have done FDG looks amazing!

FDG,Thomas on :

Thanks Dimitrios! Actually the project became more and more ambitious over time because every time we learned something new, we wanted to make use of it and improve the overall game experience. We are confident to deliver an awesome game and there's definitely an end of development cycle in sight.

Spidey981 on :

I know that no date is foreseen but can you confirm us for 2017 or you still have a lot of work and grows back to 2018? thank you

FDG,Thomas on :

Sorry Spidey, I thought you'd have seen my other reply. As of now there's a high probability that it releases in 2018.

Spidey981 on :

I'm really disappointed to wait 2018 but I understand your point of view. You want a perfect game and I understand that work hard. I really hope it will be perfect because like all players I would have liked 2017. Thanks for your frankness, I hope it will be January 2018 and that you will be at the PGW.

Alfredo Rodriguez on :

Like I said 2018 release date Thomas mention something about a project that ties into the game interesting Maybe it's an Xbox one x version or dlc to go along with the game Hey Thomas looks like I'm gonna have to do remote viewing to find out what the project is.

Matthew Barrett on :

hey Thomas as hard as it is for me and many other monsterboy fans I would've loved to make it 2017 for this game however I now know theres just a LITTLE bit more to do but seeing the demo I do get the feeling its nearly done. but I am really on Spidey981 side here I mean if weve all waited patiently all year to know its next year why not at least release it in EARLY 2018 so January at the earliest. if only I knew what this other game was and the release date then wed all know exactly then when monsterboy is out. but lets say this other game your tying the release to is released late 2017 then you could release this one at the same time if it does happen like that

Matthew Barrett on :

hey Thomas remember this post? Not going to lie - we've been very confident about the 2017 release. However, we learned a lot during the long development phase and want to make it look and play perfect, therefore we added a lot of workload to the project. This paired with something else we can't announce yet means 2018 release is more probable now. Sorry to be the party pooper here, we really do our best.

well according to the comments on here I think this game will come out very early next year when the xbox one X is released in January 2018 and the game is the biggest launch title called crackdown 3 will also be released in january was meant to be november this year. now if this is true that is fantastic news and then well all get to buy and play monsterboy the month after Christmas so I am HOPING I'm right!!!

Matthew Barrett on :

this is to both ALL of the staff at FDG entertainment and Monsterboy fans and this is OFFICIAL. go to a site called and youll see this awesome news.

Developer Game Atelier and publisher FDG Entertainment released a new short gameplay video and a ton of new screenshots for the Nintendo Switch version of Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom. The trailer displays the game’s starting beach area, while also showing off a few of the different playable characters.
The developers also revealed that Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom will be playable at Gamescom, which takes place next week in Cologne, Germany. The game will be present in Nintendo’s booth, and features the game’s completely reworked graphics and full beach area that will be present in the final game.
For those who don’t know, Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom was announced for the Nintendo Switch back in mid-January. The developers also gauged interest for a physical Switch version in March, though nothing has been heard about that since. Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom is a new platformer/adventure game in the Wonder Boy in Monster World series, and should last players around ten hours.
You can check out the new gameplay video and new Nintendo Switch screenshots for the game below. Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom will release for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch later this year.

see it says it WILL be released later this year and this news was very recent only this month and it was said by a staff member by FDF entertainment too.

locomotive on :

Hello monsterboys

Is there dlc coming for this game or are you thinking about
i hope not cause then it s yust like other companies screwing you over for a half ass game and you can pay extra for the new levels or wait for a new physical with dlc included
Why not make a second gasme instead of making dlc content
never could understood why gamemakers do this
cause once the system vanish so us your download stuff

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