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Gamescom 2016 Trailer: The Power of Six!

Exciting times ahead! Gamescom 2016 starts this week and it's the first time to have a playable demo of Monster Boy on the showfloor. If you visit Gamescom this year, please check out the Xbox booth in Hall 8. We hope you enjoy the gameplay as much as we do while developing this game. For everyone else we released a new trailer today!

This new trailer contains quite some action, phew! How will you play the game when you can choose between up to 6 different characters with unique powers and you can hot-swap them anytime? It's magical and pure fun! We hope you like the new gameplay scenes and can't wait to share the game with you when it's finally ready to launch. Please stay tuned for more updates.
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Logbomb on :

Amazing! This game is currently exceeding all expectations I have had concerning a new game in the series.

FDG, Thomas on :

Glad you like it, Logbomb! Thanks for your feedback. ^^

Spidey981 on :

Oh my God, action, beautiful scenery, varied enemies, incredible cinematic. Finally we see Dragon-Man in action, Frog-Man just do everything with his tongue, in short all the animals were extraordinary ability. At the end of the video we see the hero is transormer on the fly and that's really COOL. Thank you to Game atelier and FDG for giving us this wonderful gift. Our German friends were very lucky to be able to try at Gamescom. Deeply the Paris Games Week that I too can try this wonder. The dream becomes reality more. Thank you

FDG, Thomas on :

Thanks a lot, Spidey - see you on Paris Games Week then!

Kalyth on :

Wow. Can't be more happy to see this footage: MWV was one of my favourite games in the MD library and seeing a new game featuring not only it's core gameplay but also elements from Dragon's Trap and Dragon's Lair is sooo awesome!

Plus, it looks neat!
Keep up the good work (and port this to WiiU, it would be great)!

FDG, Thomas on :

Thank you Kalyth! Glad you liked the little Monster Lair reference. Loved this game too! :-)

Maybe Dick on :

Looks great! I am really looking forward to this!

FDG, Thomas on :

Thanks a lot !! ^^

Sarumaru on :

WOW!... this trailer makes me SO HAPPY! I absolutely love the Westone games and their style. So much in fact, that I even threw in a homage to Westone in our own game. I've seen the footage before, and I knew that Mr. Nishizawa was working on this game.. but when that remixed composition of "Stay on the Scene" originally by Shinichi Sakamoto, I was blown away. I simply can't wait for this to be out! :-D

FDG, Thomas on :

Thank you so much! We are big fans of this track, too! I felt it'd be a good fit for the action trailer ^^ Glad I'm not the only one thinking so ^^

Curious Fan on :

What's the deal with Pepelogoo in that image floating around? Is he just a cameo or will he play a bigger role?

FDG, Thomas on :

Cameo with a mission - but not spoiling it now ;-)

Andre Yin on :

Looks so good! Can't wait for a release date!

FDG, Thomas on :

And I can't wait to announce it! :-D

Thomas Rick K. on :

A long-awaited dream come true now :-)
Played all Wonderboys/Monsterworlds at past .

So many thanks for this awesome game,
finally a worthy successor.

Greets from the Birdos

FDG, Thomas on :

Awesome! Did you play the Monster Lair Arcade Game, too ? And thank you for the kind words ^^

Rez on :

Great!!! I want it on my Ps Vita!!!!!

FDG, Thomas on :

Me too! :-D

jj on :

Amazingly gorgeous. Music sounds legendary and really took it to the next level. Wish I was playing the game right now.

FDG, Thomas on :

Glad you like it, JJ - thanks!!

Antonio on :

It's a fantastic Work, please port this game on Playstation Vita, is perfect to portable Sony console, i ready to buy it on PS4 and Ps Vita in any case.

FDG, Thomas on :

Thanks a lot! We definitely consider the VITA - let's hope the game does well on the market. That will allow us to do all kinds of ports!

Felix on :

I would like to know if you are launching a physical edition and/or special edition

FDG, Thomas on :

We're currently looking for a possible partner to work on a physical release (at least in the form of a limited run). I'll let y'all know when I can confirm anything ^^

St. McDuck on :

Your game is beautiful. Be sure to give players an option to disable the UI (or a 'picture mode' like Uncharted 4) so they can take clutter-free screenshots.
Day 1 purchase, no doubt.

FDG, Thomas on :

Oh disable UI sounds interesting. We need to think about that - also loved Uncharted 4's filter options. Hm....^^

MENTD on :

Wow! Awesome! Been waiting so long for this game,
it's great to finally see a proper trailer! Can't wait for this
game to come out on PC! Any release date estimate yet?!?! 8-)

MENTD on :

P.S. The music is part of what I loved about the old series,
this music seems very abrasive and "cheesy rockish" -
I hope the music in this trailer is from a boss battle or something
and that the in-game music will be traditional, mellow and melodic
music like the old series. I don't want to have to mute the music!

FDG, Thomas on :

Did you see the two Gameplay Videos from BanjoGuyOllie already ? Like this one: These videos give you a good impression of the ingame soundtrack. Do you like it ?

MENTD on :

Man this game looks so fun!
Playable demo out so I guess it might be released soon?

The music is fine, I assume there will be lots of variety also. 8-)
Can't wait to play it! Awesome job.

MENTD on :

I hope the sound when you collect coins is in the final version! 8-)

FDG, Thomas on :

Glad you like it! :-)

Martin on :

No PS4 demo?

FDG, Thomas on :

Releasing a demo on console to the public means a lot of work as it has to pass certification and takes away development time for the full version. So unfortunately right now I must disappoint by saying we currently don't work on any official public demo for consoles.

Kafei Keaton on :

This game looks more and more beautiful by the update. Whether it comes out this year or next, it is set to be my game of the year!
Plus the remix of Remember Me is awesome, I hope the soundtrack gets an official release alongside the game. :-)

FDG, Thomas on :

Hi Kafei, thanks a lot! We're super happy to hear you like the trailer and music. The soundtrack is big - lots of tracks. Would love to see it as official OST release in some form, too ^_^

Spidey981 on :

Hi Thomas and all fans. A French journalist Site Gameblog which is located in Koln announced a release date for Spring 2017. Please, please, please confirm that it is wrong and it comes out in January

Spidey981 on :

Here the link

For not French he says, the game is really fun, colorful, really cool to play, great music and at the end. Printemps 2017

FDG, Thomas on :

Hi Spidey, we are still aiming for January release and hope nothing goes wrong until then :-)

FDG,Thomas on :

some more options to play the demo:
Microsoft Pre-Pax show on Microsoft Campus in Seattle.
Paris Games Week

If you happen to be nearby we'd love to show you the game.

Spidey981 on :

Thomas thank you I am reassured that he is still planned for January. What do you mean by " and hope Nothing goes wrong until then" can we hoped an earlier release? ????. I watch BanjoGuyOllie vidéo and it s really cool to see snake and frog Man mechanics, stage and music. I look forward to seeing you At the PGW

FDG, Thomas on :

I mean if nothing gets in our way like problems in the QA or such things. Nothing to worry now :-) I'm glad you like it so far and we're also looking forward to show you the demo at PGW. ^_^

Rez on :

I want contribute to this great game! But i don't own a Ps4 or Xbox bu choice,i don't like to play with Pc! I love to play only with my Ps Vita! What can i do to contribute for this game? Excuse for my english. ;-)

FDG, Thomas on :

Please recommend it to your friends, that will be a good contribution already! :-) When the game sells well enough we can make you the VITA version you want ^^

Spidey981 on :

I cross my fingers for the production to be over soon and that everything goes well for quality assurance. Last month you told us the last stages
- Finish Game Production
- Port to Release Platforms
- QA internship Sony / Microsoft
- Agree with Both Sony / Microsoft on release dates
- Release.
Where are you now and can you tell us about each month at what stage you are. thank you very much

FDG, Thomas on :

We're currently doing both, we started to port the code to platforms and still work on new features as we have a bit more time now. ^^ Of course we're going to make use of it :-D

Spidey981 on :

how long will the quality assurance stage with Sony and MS?

FDG, Thomas on :

That'll take about a month but this is also the time where 'something unforeseeable can happen' like a bug you hunt forever before fixing it :-)

Mw5 fan on :

Watched the BJO videos and gotta day that cave soundtrack is incredible. Surprised this game isn't getting more hype given that terrible indie games like no mans sky are a runaway success.

Also, please change the sound when you collect hearts to the monster world sound

FDG, Thomas on :

Thanks a lot! Well that's very difficult with hype when you make a 2D platforming adventure compared to 3D projects like No Man's Sky and even Inside. It's more of a niche market for Monster Boy -but we're not complaining because it's what we want to do and missed so dearly on the current games market. Can't wait to release Monster Boy :-)

Mw5 fan on :

Well, I hope the game is successful and spawns further projects and games of this genre. Monsterworld along with Faxanadu are some of my favourite games of all time. (Also dragon's trap remake coming, what a time to be a wonderboy fan!)

From watching the gameplay vids it looks like you guys are doing a stellar job. I'm really looking forward to all the homages and nods towards the earlier games in the series.

FDG, Thomas on :

Hearts sound added ;-)

Mw5 fan on :

Fantastic! :-D

Ghost_Messiah on :

Amazing in every sense of the word. The game looks vivid, colourful and beautiful particularly in motion - this new trailer is fantastic and it makes me even more excited for the game! This is a dream project and it's lovely to see that it's progressing so well from monitoring the development posts. Super excited for this and can't wait for the release in January! Release date soon?

FDG, Thomas on :

Thank you Ghost_Messiah - and I think the game shines even more when you get to play it. It feels really good now and still improve on it. We will announce the release date later this year.

Omar Ambrose on :

As a huge fan to the Wonderboy games series growing up, I can honestly say that my dreams have come true with this! Also seeing the Dragon's Trap remake blew me away as that was my all time favorite game of the Sega Master System. The graphics look beautiful, the music is amazing. Hows the progress going and does it look like this is set to be released later this year or early next?

Keep up the great work!

FDG, Thomas on :

Thanks so much, Omar! We're also looking forward to the Dragon's Trap remake. It's so awesome to get two Wonder Boy games soon ^^ We currently aim towards January 2017 release for Monster Boy.

Michael on :

Amazing trailer! Really looking forward to playing the game. Couple of quick questions.
Are you going to offer pre-ordering of the game?
How long will it take to finish the game roughly? I am hoping it would be a bit longer than the old titles :-)
Are there different modes / difficulties planned for the game?


FDG, Thomas on :

Thank you Michael! Happy to hear you enjoyed the trailer. I have no information about possible pre-order yet, but we'll keep you posted either here or on our Facebook page. As for the difficulty we do plan to add a hard mode for people who love a challenge :-)

Michael on :

Thanks a lot for the reply!

Thats great news! I do love a challenge.
I will definitely buy your game :-)

Keep up the great work.

Wonder Boy Fan on :

Can you tell us approximately how long the game will be over 100%

Thank you

FDG, Thomas on :

You mean the playtime? It looks like playtime is well over 10 hours!

Fenriss on :

Please, release the game with multi-language support!!

FDG, Thomas on :

Don't worry, the game will support a good variety of languages.

Nick Wilby on :

I just have to say that you guys are really inspiring, working on such a beloved franchise and doing it so much justice! As a game developer myself, I can imagine just how much work has gone into this to get it to where it is today! So I just want to say well done to everyone working on the project! Keep up the hard work and I can't wait to play it soon :-)

FDG, Thomas on :

Thank you for the kind words, Nick! We'll keep going to our limit and won't stop before having a really awesome and enjoyable adventure!

MajorWeirdo on :

I did not know you guys were at Gamescom. Otherwise I would have rescheduled my vacation.

I like veey much what I'm seeing in the Gamescom video. The whole game is breathing that old school vibe, I love it!

Any News on an exact or approximate release date for PS4 yet? Will it be 2016?

Great work!!

FDG, Thomas on :

Thanks! Glad you like it :-) We're currently aiming January 2017 but no firm date yet.

John Doe on :

Amazing dude... cannot wait for the arrangement of the other final dungeon theme.

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