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Oh boy...that door. Must enter!

What a beautiful day to explore temples! We can't reveal what's inside..but how about listening to a music preview of this area ? :-)

The game is really shaping up but there's so much work left to do. We hope to show you a gameplay video the next time. pressing up to enter for now - it's just a screenshot ^^

OST Sample
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Logbomb on :

That temple looks amazing! Great to hear the LAT Corp licensing in action too; one of my favorite tracks from the original {^_^}

Maybe Dick on :


Soupbones on :

Music is AMAZING! Cannot wait for this game!

Sam on :

I cannot wait for this game, thanks for the update! The temple looks great, and the music sounds just as good. I hope this game feels as alive as Wonder Boy did back in the day.

jj on :

Absolutely love the temple screenshot and music. I'm stunned.

Horus on :

Best graphics Dragon's Crown , Muramasa Rebirth .This is not suitable for Monster Boy

io on :

Agree ! I feel the art looks great but its not at all Wonderboy and does not fit with the cartoon style characters !

alpha jammer on :

Love the look of the temple! And that remixed track was superb!
Guys, you've got me so excited for this game!

Rat King on :

This game looks fantastic. I am very much looking forward to it.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE consider releasing a version for the PS Vita. I know that you guys have experience with the Vita (from Flying Hamster) and this game would be a perfect fit in the Vita line-up.

John on :

Yeeeeessssss it's perfect for VITA!!!! Pleaseeeeee!!!!

K.K.Afterbrun on :

I like both the temple image and the new mix for the Desert theme from Dragon's Trap to go with it.

Darkleo on :

Wonderful memories...
This game looks better than many "triple A" titles.
Keep it up!

Dimitris Zikos on :

Soooo much hyped! My imagination travels the frog inside the pyramid and I can tell you...everything is amazing inside!

Looking forward to the game, thank you for offering this, a child's dream come true, 20 years later!

Ghost_Messiah on :

Looking beautiful, vivid and absolutely wonderful as always. The screenshot shows off an extremely high level of detail and impressive, colourful art direction that echoes the previous games. Excited for Monster Boy as usual. 2016 seems so far away.

Any word on when we might be seeing the aforementioned gameplay trailer? Much like everyone here I'm super excited to finally see footage. Any idea how far out it might be?

Otherwise I'm extremely excited for the game. As a childhood fan of the past games this is a miraculous, dream project and I can't wait to jump in to the game upon release. You have one surefire sale from me.

FDG, Thomas on :

Thank you so much everyone! We're glad to hear you like what you see in our blog postings.

@Ghost_M: We plan to post some gameplay in the next month. We have to finish some details first before we feel confident to show it. We know that even though we say it is 'unfinished work' many overread that and take it as reference for the final look ^_^ on :

i wait to see the result but,i already foud great game! good luck from france :-)

Alex on :

The instrument at 0:12 makes it sound like someone's first submission to OCRemix, really don't like it. But other than that I think it sounds great.

zelda star on :

omg just stumbled on this when looking for some monster world iv artwork; now ridiculously excited for what you're doing. it looks amazing

Harald on :

Holy Crap!!! That temple looks amazing!! I hope you have a pyramid temple as well, like Monster World from Genesis. Will there be a sphinx boss who likes to do some quizzes? I get so much flashbacks from that scene. Anyway, As a huge fan Im looking forward to this game. You guys are doing a great work!

Best regards Harald from Norway!

Horus on :

Best regards Harald from Bulgaria

jandrogo on :

I am really impatient for the release day.
Please make a game worth the "wonder boy" name and history
Also waiting news about a ps vita version, Game-gear versions were a dream, make the game also portable for this generation in ps vita

SYED on :

Music sounds good but could do simplifying.
Take your time n make a good game, don't rush it. Games that are rushed tend to have flaws.
Wonderboy 3 dragons trap my favourite game of the series so happy that it will resemble this in the game.

Can't wait.

Shion LaBeouf on :

You should have called it "Monsterboy and The Raging Boner Of Nostalgia" because that's whats happening! :-D

Great work guys, lovely visuals, lovely OST sample. REALLY excited for this... would you guys consider releasing a 1 level demo at some point? When Sonic episode 1 had a 1 Level demo, I felt like a kid again waiting to play it! Shame it sucked as a game really (you don't have to answer that, but we're all thinking it)

Definitely a day 1 buy.

io on :

Hey Guys,really wanna say how much i appreciate what you are doing ! This is like a dream project coming true !

But I must say this new screenshot got me a little bit worried,as I feel the art changed a lot from the before ! It feels too real and too much details. Gone is that warm feeling of the earlier screens and the trailer had ! Its too far away from Wonderboy.
Sure the gameplay is deciding,but also the art should be reminiscent of those golden pixel 8 and 16bit days.

Of course its just a screenshot,and i hope kinda its not ingame .:-( Sorry !!!

I feel the game looked and felled much better when it was called Flying Hamster 2 !

The screenshots there and the trailer just look right in every direction ! And colors and artstyle just are as it should be,and looks very wonderboyish !

I hope you guys could take those worries away.

Again,really appreciate all your hard work,its good you guys are doing this game !

io on :


Logbomb on :

I have to disagree with the comments about the art style going in the wrong direction. I have been following closely all of the released screenshots from Flying Hamster II, through to the early Monster Boy shots, and the more recently released shots. There is a definite progression of detail being added to the art, which I think is excellent. I am sure part of the reason the game has been delayed until 2016 is because of the amount of work going into the art, and from my point of view the art is looking amazing.

Ghost_Messiah on :

@FDG, Thomas: Any update on the gameplay video that's coming soon? Just excited and looking forward to seeing more about this amazing game.

FDG, Thomas on :

We will post it before going into Christmas Vacation for close before we leave, don't know yet - ^_^ Everyone is so busy working on the game and time flies by too fast ..we're all like, WHAT it's already end of November ? I'm sorry to keep y'all waiting.

yojiro on :

Oh God this remix from WB3 is so awesome, Merry Xmas team

Luis on :

Wondering if there's a goblin hidden over there. The game looks great!

Damien Classen on :

I'm so excited about this. Wonderboy 3: The Dragon's Trap was one of my favourite games of all time. The video is impressive; the game looks incredibly slick and polished. I can't find details about the exact release date though.

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