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Holy smokes, he's doing it again!

The team is working on many details which also includes improving the animation of the characters. We heard some people ask to let the pig-man IDLE smoke so here we are, he's doing it again ! :-)

ESRB rating category just went up..

You certainly remember where it all started :-)

be careful...smoking changes your skin tone
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Jason on :

LOVE this. If it doesn't hit the Wii U i'm hunger striking :-)

Nester the Lark on :

Not to belabor the point, but the original Wii not only had every game in the series, but two versions of every game in the series (with the exception of Monster World IV), and all of them are accessible on Wii U. I don't think there are any other consoles in existence that represent the Wonder Boy/Monster World series to that extent. Heck, I myself discovered and fell in love with the series on Wii. It just won't feel right if Monster Boy isn't along side them.

Logbomb on :

Awesome :-)

john got on :


Nester the Lark on :

But he's not purple! XD

It's great to get a glimpse of what the game looks like in motion, though. Looks beautiful!

ShionTheRun on :

Since Monster Boy's announcement, I've not had any worries about this game being in the wrong hands. This is by far my favorite game series and I'm very pleased to see that you guys are on the case and you've got this. I get the feeling that when this is released, I'll be sat cross legged on the lounge floor, with my also fully adult brother next to me inches from the screen. Keep up the good work guys!

FDG, Thomas on :

Thanks so much everyone! :-) Glad you like it.

Maybe Dick on :

Wonderful! My excitement increases with each update.

wonder on :

I love wonder boy monster land best game

hayabusa on :

Boys make a new version of the game Legend of Hero Tonma wonderful game also

Eolithe on :

Yes... I love a lot the chara design of the Pig-man Smoke, He looks great, but, for a transformation I would like another a Fox or anything like that?

FDG, Thomas on :

Thanks! Well - having seen all 6 characters in action, I think we have a good variety and I hope everyone will find a very favorite transformation :-) In any case it's fun to use all the cool abilities of the various characters. The pig-man has some cool tricks btw :-)

Eolithe on :

Interesting... so what is his trick? If you can say anything about that without spoil :-D

FDG, Thomas on :

He makes use of his belly and the nose - a good team throughout the game :-)

kieran on :

it will be playable? or is a npc otherwise it's a huge project,i am excited to see the result!

FDG, Thomas on :

Yes, pig-man is fully playable :-) All 6 characters will feel different with their unique abilities.

kieran on :

good idea!!!

Uneo on :

I'm going to use that password!

Grey on :

Wow guys! I literally just stumbled across this game. I'm actually holding back tears of joy!!!!

Dragon's Trap was one of my first SMS games, and holds a very special place in my heart. I was worried I would never see WB again, but I can see he is alive and well - and in very good hands.

I loved this series throughout my childhood, and soon, I may be able to introduce this legend to my own children, so his legacy can live on!

Great work so far guys, I can't express how much I look forward to this.

And a big thank you for even considering working on a project like this, it's a tough market for a great character who's vintage may go unrecognized by the newer generations of gamers.

Good luck & Best wishes!!!

FDG, Thomas on :

Thanks so much! It's a great & encouraging post for the team and we do it for Wonder Boy fans like you -and us :-) cheers everyone!

Wonder on :

Thomas clip man when clippppppppppppp

Wonderboy fan on :

Is this coming out on wiiu?

Btw; much prefer the name change

FDG, Thomas on :

Perhaps, we don't know yet. First things first: Need to finish the game - then we look at porting options :-)

Daniele on :

Hi, as soon as I heard about Monster Boy, I've been waiting for the game eagerly – and I'm sure you won't let us Wonderboy fans all over the world down.

I wonder if your game will be released for the PSvita, Nintendo 3DS and WiiU as well. I hope so because I'd rather avoid buying a PS4 just for playing your game...

Thank you for making a dream come true.



John on :

It's perfect to be played on a portable console like Ps Vita! I love Wonder Boy in Monster Land and Wonder Boy in Monster World!

David on :

I'm very excited that this game is being made, however I'm also worried by the developer's history. They seem to mostly make games for handheld platforms, none of which I have or intend to get. Can you please release this game on Steam or GOG so that us Windows only users can play it? It's too big a franchise not to bring to PC in my opinion. Great work, guys.

Logbomb on :

Currently the game is coming out on Steam and PS4, with the possibility of other systems.

John on :

If no Ps Vita, you ll don t see my money!!!

BoSL00M on :

I couldn't believe my eyes when I knew that this game was in development.
This is very exciting.
I hope the concept of the buddies that followed you and helped you in a certain way that appeared in Wonder boy in monster world and monster world IV is also included in this game.

Jason on :

Any more updates for us please? Its been ages :-(

Future,FDG on :

Yes I'm sorry - we've been hard at work. A lot is being improved like animations, graphics etc and we don't want to post too much of unfinished work. However - will post again soon!

Dan on :

A lot of courage to all of you GAME ATELIER. Hope to see a JAPAN STAGE in the Game (like in WB3), with bamboos forests, temples and ninjas !!!!!!

Greetings ...

Pierpaolo on :

I'll add that when pig smoker the energy lowers slowly like in metal gear series.
So you add a subtle message that smoking is unhealty

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