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Returning to 16-Bit graphics

Happy Easter Everyone!

Just when we thought we finally made a decision on the art style of Monster Boy, we changed our mind one last time. We return to 16-Bit graphics, because oldschool is still the best school! We didn't take this decision lightly, considering we want to release This Summer, but we felt it's necessary. We want to pay real tribute to Retro Gaming and we can only achieve it with Pixel graphics:

Jin is looking great in 16-Bit form. We should've thought of this earlier!
But here's the best news! We did some optimization on the code of our engine and achieved what seemed impossible first. Monster Boy will run on original Mega Drive hardware! We will post pre-order links for the Mega Drive cartridge soon. Here's a preview image:

Monster Boy will run on original Mega Drive hardware & SEGA agreed to put it on cartridge!
This is all so exciting and it's our dreams coming true. We release a new Mega Drive game! Worry not, the game will still come This Summer because pixel graphics are easy and super quick to do!

Thanks for your continued support and we love y'all!

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Ianuzzo on :

Hahaha , yeah sure ! It would be nice to see an actual Mega Drive version of Monster Boy. So maybe after the release on current gen you guys could start working on this. I would buy that in a heartbeat.

Happy Easter & April fools day!

Spidey981 on :

Un poisson d'avril vraiment amusant, blague mis à part une version Megadrive bien plus tard ça serai une super idée. Évidemment ça devrait prendre un temps fou et faire peu de vente mais ça serait tellement bien.

Greg on :

Oh you guys. You had me going for a minute there! I was like -- wait a minute... April Fools!!

Everyone knows those aren't 16-bit graphics! They're 8-bit!!

Haha, good one guys!

PS Does this mean it will be on the Sega Master System and Game Gear??

Aaron on :

Ummm... Megadrive is 16-bit... derp...

CmdrFalcon on :

The Mega Drive is 16-Bit, but Greg is right - the graphics look like they are based on Wonder Boy III for SMS (which is indeed 8-Bit).

Maybe there should be an unlockable retro mini game after you win ;-)

Vando on :


When will this game be released to Australia? If so, is there a pre-order link? Great job guys!


FDG,Thomas on :

Hi Vando, the game will be released worldwide on the same day but it will be digital only in Australia. The physical release is only USA/Canada.

Vando on :

Thank you Thomas. Would the USA physical version works in Australia if I ordered from US Amazon?

FDG,Thomas on :

Hi Vando, yes it will work. The game is codefree (region code free)

YG on :

Aren’t we due for a project update? It’s been almost 2 months with no news!

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