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Revealing hand-drawn transformation #3: Lion form

Dear Monster Boy friends,

it's Friday again! Today we reveal the new hand-drawn design of the lion and he wears some cool ice equipment. This is the best equipment to have for the scorching hot volcano area and will help you to survive much longer. Deal more damage to fire-based enemies and take less damage from them - it's a perfect combination! The lion transformation makes Jin much stronger and he can dash super fast but never forget all the other transformations. Jin can switch his form anytime and you'll need to be smart to combine them in a most efficient way. Sometimes you need the power of a lion, sometimes the small size of a tiny snake to be successful. The further you go, the more transformations are needed to survive and everyone will know that the cursed kingdom can only be saved by Monster Boy.
Our new reveal shows you the hand-drawn lion form with cool ice equipment. Don't miss it!
This time we removed the old character sprites comparison because some got confused by the size difference in our presentation. Please note that the new hand-drawn transformations have a very similar screen-size in comparison to the old sprites. Last but not least: Thanks for keeping the communication going and we welcome all your comments, feedback and excitement about this project. Please look forward to the final game when it arrives in 2018 on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One first.

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Joshua on :

This update looks beautiful. I had been convincing myself that the sprites were going to be ok, even though I was a little suspect ... now they really do look gorgeous! Thank you for your tireless efforts in bringing a new chapter to my favourite game series ever. The only thing I'm looking forward to than your next update is the game itself.

Junior lima on :

This is looking absolutely great! keep it up guys!

Spidey981 on :

Bonsoir à toute l'équipe. Merci d'avoir partagé le nouveau design de Lion-Man. Il y a deux semaines vous avez annoncé les nouveaux sprites et au début je n'étais pas très emballé. Mais avec le temps je m'y fais et j'avoue que je les trouvent de plus en plus cool. Le lion est vraiment massif et on ressent toute sa puissance. Je trouve qu'il a un faux air de Starlion des Cosmocats ( les trentenaires se rappel de ce dessin animé ). Et franchement ça ne me déplaît pas. Enfin bref plus les jours passent et plus j'apprécie les nouveaux sprites. J'ai hâte de voir en mouvement. Qui sera le prochain personnage dévoilé ? J'aimerai beaucoup le dragon . Merci à tous

jj on :

Loving the sprites appealing new look.
One can only wonder what curious places and possibilities Jins transformations may lead to.
Thanks for taking the time and having the passion to awaken this beloved game series with this new adventure.

Siphon on :

I love the new lion! Such a dynamic and detailed new design! Can't wait to play him in the game!

Alfredo on :

THE LION CHARACTER LOOKS AWESOME This is the mark of great game developers working together Waiting patiently for this game is well worth it.

Cristian on :

Really? The 1st designs were the best. The lion looks squashed and the other designs seem to be from a cheap game. Have you taken into account the wonderboy saga? Why do you change the designs every now and then? I'm very disappointed with this. On the other hand...the remake of "The dragon's trap" is wonderful! I don't understand why you have so doubts.

Cameron on :

Awesome! I can't wait for the dragon form! ;-)

matthew barrett on :

to cam same here itll probably be my favourite i think you get to breath fire on enemies and also fly. 2018 will be so exciting :-)

sutoraida on :

Really like the subtle "kawaii"-touch the new sprite has. ;-) The new sprites in general are much more distinctive, which I think is great since you get the impression that the artists finally have the freedom to bring in their own style without being limited by a "game-y" look. Won't please anyone naturally but I personally am glad that you took that direction.

hamish on :

I think the original looks are better then these new looks. Hopefully there is an option to use the original 1st designs

Jeffrey Lane on :

Lion man looks like he's getting his thundercats on. After looking at both I think he's more proportioned now. Before it was lion head on a human body, now it's more natural looking.

João Carlos on :

Not only better but filled with details! The frog was my least favorite character from the videos and screenshots I saw before this, I can't wait to see it in action now! Looking forward to see the pig and the snake, which were almost perfect the first time round. Best regards from Brazil. :-)

Christopher Lane on :

Nice Hand drawn Lion. His mane kinda looks like fire and since you use this form to dash quickly. Its almost like he's a ball of fire. Cool.
Also. Nice looking Ice Armor.

LordKaiser on :

By the eye of Thundera!

David S. on :

Highly interested in this game but since the lion is bigger, won't it be easier to be hit? I don't know if this is an intentional trade-off for the player to make between characters but my first reaction to this wasn't very positive because of its potential influence on gameplay.

At the same time, I really appreciate all of the effort that you are pouring into this game. I hope the added time spent on new improvements like this will pay-off in more sales for you. -- I'm just greatly excited about the game and hope that you'll have financial success as well. (To hopefully make even more great games in the future ;-) Looking forward to hearing the release date!

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